Child Sexual Abuse: Man Takes Disturbing Photos Of The Act

The issue of child sexual exploitation has been on the forefront of many international and local mainstream media but the molesters appear not to be concerned or even thinking of throwing the practices on a scrap-heap.

For a moment, I wanted to shy away from this story. But on a second thought, I figured the need to share the story which shows how cruel the world is becoming by the day.

Recently, a very harrowing pictures of two young girls being abused made it online and Kenyans on social media gave their strongest condemnations yet of the images.

In case you haven’t seen the pictures, they show a terribly frightening display of two young girls who were being molested at an unconfirmed orphanage.

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The children, who are obviously between the ages of four and five, have already sustained injuries on their bodies thanks to the wicked practice they are subjected to.

In the photos they could be seen lying on their backs with their legs wide apart, exposing their already abused private parts.

Their abuser potentially took the photos as he carefully avoids capturing his face. The sex offender could be a staff at the yet unknown orphanage home where he is assumed to be helping the children.

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child sexual exploitation

Available information attached alongside the photos alleged that the children were suffering in an orphanage whose location we would like to know. There is a KSh 50,000 bounty for whoever identifies the children or can tell their location.

More harrowing is the second picture which shows the children clutching at their molesters manhood. The two kids, who are naked and untidy, lie on a cheap bed as they stare innocently at the camera – and the face of the man defiling them.

It is an unspeakably distressing photo that has provided a rare behind-the-scenes portrait of what children in orphanage homes go through every single moment of their lives. These children may never have their normal lives back.

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Outside charity homes, the reality remains that each year thousands of children are raped and abused by people seeking to humiliate, violate and control them; and the impact on their lives is devastating.

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This abuse and violence can be relentless and can take place anywhere — as children go home from school, as they walk to the shops, in their local park and majority of perpetrators of this crime are male ranging in age from young adolescents to older men.

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