Makueni Man Uses Witchcraft To Recover Stole Motorbike

The fear of witchcraft or black magic in Africa is the beginning of wisdom as one thief in Makueni learned the hard way.

Residents of Mbooni sub-county, Makueni, were left in shock after a swarm of bees pounced on what was a stolen motorbike in Kikima Market.

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An unidentified man, who was robbed of his motorbike went to consult a witch doctor in order to recover what was probably his only source of income.

The witch doctor then sent the bees after the motorbike which was kept at the local market. The motorbike thief tried to move it before running for his dear life as the bees settled on the bike.

Market goers also reported that the bees prevented strangers from approaching the motorbike while others stood back, fearing the dire consequences of coming in contact with the bees.

They reported that the bees remained on the bike for more than an hour until the said owner arrived and rolled it away.

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Stories of the use of witchcraft have become popular in Kenya in recent time with this being the second story of such in about a week.

According to reports carried by Daily Post Kenya, a man’s genitalia was moved to a different part of his body after he slept with the wife of a Luo man.

The Luo man, who suspected his wife was cheating on him, visited a witch doctor to place a curse on the adulterous duo.

It is not clear what happened to the woman but the man appeared to publicly beg for forgiveness showing what had become of his most prized appendage.

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