Married Chicago School Teacher

A married Chicago school teacher is accused of having sex with two teens in her class.

According to court papers, June Kendall seduced the pupils by sending them explicit pictures of herself through Snapchat. She went ahead to have sex with the boys in the classroom on the same day.

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The 29-year-old made friends with both boys during the 2015-16 school year. The friendship became more sexual in nature this September according to prosecutors.

Kendall began sending both boys photos of herself, some of them included her undressed.

According to a court documents:

”Over time, (the Snapchat) messages became sexual in nature, and (Kendall) indicated to (one of the boys) that she wanted to have sex with him.”

The pair reportedly ended up having sex during school hours in a room attached to Kendall’s classroom in September. On October 3, they allegedly had sex again in the same place after exchanging messages.

Witnesses say they saw Kendall and the boy leave her classroom after they had been alone there for about 25 minutes, prosecutors said.

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Later on after school, Kendall reportedly had sex with the second boy in the same room after they exchanged messages, which the boy showed a friend. He also bragged about it afterwards to another friend.

The said witness who saw the teacher leave the classroom with the first boy reported the incident to a school official the next day, who invited the police.

Officers were investigating the first boy when school officials found out about the second one, prosecutors said.

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The school – Urban Prep Academy – released a statement saying their ”number one priority is, and always will be, the welfare, safety and education of our students.”

They added that an independent investigator has been hired to carry out an internal probe.

The married Chicago school teacher has been put on administrative leave after being charged with two counts of sexual assault on the students. She is being held on a $100,000 bond.