Funding Al-Shabaab

Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa has accused politicians in Lamu of funding Al-Shabaab terrorists.

This follows the killing of over 30 people including security officers in the past two weeks by suspected Al-Shabaab militants in various parts of the county.

Marwa made the allegations on Sunday pointing out that the recent abduction of Public Works PS Mariam El Maawy by al Shabaab militants was politically instigated. He said it was clear that only persons and places affiliated to the Jubilee Party were been targeted by the terror attacks.

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According to the police boss, incidents in Poromoko, Pandanguo, and Jima areas are part of the strategy to scare voters with the main objective being to create a situation of insecurity so that locals flee and fail to vote in the August 8 general election.

He went on to claim that he has information on all those funding al-Shabaab in Lamu and neighboring Tana River.

“The perpetrators will be apprehended whether alive or dead. They want people to think it is terrorists but we know the issue is political,” said an agitated Marwa to journalists.

“We are very much aware that some youth in this county and those who have crossed to Somalia and then returned are being financed by politicians in the forest.”

“The politicians are taking care of the terrorists including feeding them and ensuring they live comfortably inside Boni Forest.”

“We want the perpetrators to know that people will vote and will do so in large numbers when polling stations open next month,” he added.

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He went on to issue a shoot-to-kill order for any terrorist spotted in the county while questioning the silence of political leaders.

“Why hasn’t the governor or any leader for that matter come out to even issue a condolence message to the families who lost their loved ones?” he asked.

“Whats the meaning of their silence?”

Mr. Marwa then addressed the presence of Al-Shabaab spies at the main entry and exit points at the Lamu and Mokowe Jetty’s in Lamu who give information on persons of interest visiting the county.

He directed police officers to thoroughly frisk all persons entering and leaving Lamu town before they are allowed to continue to their destinations.