‘Masai Mara Cash Scandal’ Scam Will Come After NYS – Alfred Keter

Alfred Keter, along with two other politicians have promised to usher into light what they described as ‘Masai Mara Cash Scandal,’ immediately after the NYS fraud, linking top Jubilee wigs and officials, is brought to a conclusion. 

According to Alfred, accompanied by Oscar Sudi (Kapseret), and Johana Ng’eno (Emurua Dikirr) there is a strong evidence indicating billions withdrawn every year from the game reserve, which were misused.

Alfred and co revealed that several top government officials pocketed the fund said to have been mapped out for rendering necessary service to locals in Narok county.

The trio made the super disclosure at Emurua Dikirr Primary School when distribution of the items on Wednesday was ongoing.

According to Alfred:

Narok county is one of the richest counties in Kenya but there is very little development yet a lot of revenue is generated from the Masai Mara.

If well utilised, the money will turn the face of this county around for the better. We are going to reveal the names of those who are illegally benefiting from the reserve.

Ng’eno stated that Samuel Tunai leads Narok embezzled the money owned by the entire county.

He recalled when Tunai and five others organized young people to protest against his initiatives and for offering of job opportunities by ethnicity.

They blamed him of putting public funds to wrong use.

He then slammed Tunai, saying he ought to have removed the log in his own eye by steering developments even though he had withdrawn funds from the Treasury and revenue from Masai Mara before searching for the speck in another person’s.

Ng’eno said:

Tunai sponsored youths early this year to demonstrate against me over misuse of sports funds but today the Emurua Dikirr CDF has bought games uniforms for 72 primary and 31 secondary Schools. I do not know what he has to say about the issue now.

He went on to tell the Governor to put on his suit of armor in readiness for the grilling that is going to come from the residents’ of the area on why adequate developments have not reached the area since he took office.

He also said that only coherent and valid answers will save him.

He added,

The defunct Narok and Trans Mara county councils did way better than Tunai’s government and as a consequence Tunai is bound to face fierce challenges in 2017 general election.

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Tunai dismissed the report that he has invested the county’s money wrongly, maintaining having achieved greatly more than any other leader elected with him in March 2013 and those who have served in the last 50 years.

He noted that he gathered several rivals for blocking the source through which they steal public funds.

Keter, Ng’eno and Sudi made public their resolve to back Kanu candidate for Kericho Senator, Paul Sang, in the March 7 by-election.

They cited Jubilee’s failure in the last three years of power to fulfill their too many promises made in the 2013 general election as their excuse.

Sudi added that

Jubilee supporters in Rift Valley are not happy with the way the government is conducting its affairs. That is why it is experiencing rebellion in areas where it received massive support in the last general election.