Nurses Strike: Police In Search Of 10 Mathari Hospital Patients

While tension heightens over a spat between President Kenyatta and his political opponent Raila Odinga, nurses in Mathari Hospital worsens as they released  81 mentally ill patients to the streets.

The Police in Kenya has been massively deployed to secure the lives of patients following the alleged release of the mentally derailed patients by striking nurses.

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According to a report by the Mathari Hospital superintendent, the striking nurses masterminded the release of the patients after they allegedly entered the wards pretending to be offering treatment to them.

Once released, the patients ran into different directions and some found their way to the busy Thika Superhighway causing nuisance on the highway.

“A group of striking nurses came to the wards in the pretext they were offering treatment and facilitated the escape of 81 mentally ill patients who ran in different directions.

“A search led to recapture of 71 patients,” a police report states.

The police were able to safely return about seventy of the patients to the facility while one of the patients seized sustained injuries after he was hit by a vehicle on Thika superhighway.

The injured patient was described by police as a 37-year-old who sustained “facial injuries and bruises”

A manhunt is on for 10 others still on the loose.

The police have launched investigations into the incident which they are treating as a serious crime against the nurses who are responsible for the escape.

On Friday, the Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Nurses, Seth Panyako dismissed claims that the strike had been called off and insisted the nurses would not go back to work.

As nurses continue their agitation for the implementation of the CBA by the devolved unit, Buzz Kenya gathered that many patients from government hospital have been transferred to private hospital where they could receive quick and better treatment, though at a very high cost.

The police report about the release of the mentally derailed patients in Mathari Hospital comes after a press conference which was initiated by a faction of the Kenya National Union of Nurses was violently disrupted after a team led by Knun Secretary-General Seth Panyako.

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The conference was called by the embattled chairman John Bii who planned to call of the 12-day- long strike and to update the 26,000 striking nurses that the government was willing to negotiate to end the impasse.

But the meeting never lasted as the Panyako-led team kicked out Mr Bii and the handful of people from his faction. It was followed by shots of punches and kicks as you can see in the video below.