May The Stronger Candidate Win – Says Raila In Final Press Conference Before Election

Who is the stronger candidate between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta? If Raila’s past words are to go by, the NASA candidate definitely thinks he is better than his opponent but that has not stopped him from using his last press conference before the election to wish his main rival, President Uhuru Kenyatta, good luck.

Mr. Odinga paid a glowing tribute to Uhuru, who beat him in the closely contested 2013 election, describing him as a good candidate who campaigned fairly in all parts of the country seeking votes from the populace.

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“I want to congratulate President Uhuru for a fair campaign,” said the 72-year-old.

“I wish them [Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto] well and may the stronger candidate win.”

Raila who has contested for the highest office in Kenya a record four times has been in a relaxed mood in the build-up to the elections.

On Sunday, Mr. Odinga was pictured at The Hub, a recreational facility for youths and children in Nairobi’s Karen estate after a busy campaign week.

Stronger Candidate

The ODM chieftain got the attention of everyone in the fun zone as he joined children in an octopus ride. Many people have speculated it to be a campaign strategy but Raila took to his Facebook page to say:

“I had promised my granddaughters the day I get a day off the Campaign Trail it will be “their” day. That Sunday was today and they quickly came to collect! The pictures speak for themselves; we had a great time. I was surprised they let me on their equipment, I guess it’s fair to say my early morning fitness training for Canaan is yielding results.”

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NASA finalized its campaign in Nairobi at Uhuru Park on Saturday after seeking votes from all counties in the country.

The Polling stations for the 2017 general elections will open at 6 am tomorrow, 8th August in what is thought to be a closely fought re-match of the 2013 elections.