MCA: Coffin Trade Beside Hospitals Murder The Patients

A Member of Kisumu County Assembly is pressing for coffin businesses to be taken far away from hospital premises. He opines that running coffin businesses around the hospitals draws the spirit of death into the vicinity and does nothing but murder the patients in the hospitals.

Jacktone Onunga added that the sight of coffins close to the hospitals could cause trauma to the patients and make them give up on themselves even before death beckons.

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Mr Onunga penned down his complaint, and will present it in the county Assembly next week. If endorsed, coffin sellers will have to move their businesses to respectable distant locations, away from the hospitals.

Onunga said:

Many people have complained about the presence of coffins next to hospitals. Moving them will restore confidence in most patients because when most of them see the coffins, they feel half dead.

But coffin sellers have held out against this recent notion, accusing MCA of scheming to fold their businesses.

One coffin seller who has lasted quite long in the business, Edward Ochieng questioned:

Our presence cannot lead to the death of patients. At what point does a critically ill person raise his or her head to look at coffins?

Mr. Edward Ochieng, having sold coffin for about 15 years, said his experience in the business has revealed that people want the easiest way out.

Ochieng further noted that members of the community want the coffin businesses close to the hospitals, to save them the burden of travelling a long distance just to procure a coffin while their hearts are still heavy at the death of a loved one.

Mr. Ochieng explains:

These people usually want to find coffins quickly so that they can transport bodies. We do not celebrate the death of people, but it is just business. If we can be given an alternative place we have no problem. We will move because our customers will know where we are. But we doubt we will be relocated by the county government.

Another coffin seller added that:

The MCA should come up with motions to strengthen the health sector instead. The motion will have huge financial implications on us and on the common mwananchi, who will be forced to cough out more cash, as we will increase our rates if we are moved away from the central business district.

A few people who convey coffins at funerals also lashed out at the MCA recent complaint. They challenged MCA to prioritize the county’s biggest challenges and see how the coffin issue wouldn’t even make it to the top 10.

They further urged MCA to focus on issues draining the members of the community rather than shadowing them with these “jokes”.