MCAs Approve Governor William Kabogo To Face Ruto In 2022 Elections

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has earned a magnificent approval from a section of MCAs to contest against William Ruto in 2022 general election.

It seems some politicians are no longer hopeful in the next election scheduled for 2017 that they are jumping over to 2022 already.

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Whatever the case may be, Kiambu deputy Speaker Antony Macharia revealed that Kabogo is currently the oldest of politicians in the region, in terms of the number of years spent in poiltics.

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This, in his words, wins him the ticket to contest for the deputy president’s seat automatically. In a statement to farmers at Kimende in Lari yesterday, Antony Macharia stated that Kabogo was best suited to be the Central Kenya kingpin after the retirement of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Antony Macharia, also the Bibirioni MCA said:

If the region will elect Ruto as President, then Kabogo will have to be his deputy.

Now Antony says if the region insists to retain Ruto, then Kabogo will become second in command of the region.

Meanwhile, Governor Hassan Joho has also made known his intentions concerning 2022 election. Speaking recently to some pressmen, he said that he does not plan to end his political ambition with being a governor but will grow his career and lead the whole of Kenya in 2022.

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Many question if these politicians have secured the 2017 election already to make them project far into the future. While some others suggest they might have sensed how Kenya politics will turn out in time to come.

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