Smart Bus Conductor Explodes The Myth That All Touts Are Illiterates

Simon Maina was raised in one a poor home in Kenya – only having little per day to survive for food.

But the young man has now turned his life around, becoming arguably the first person to obtain a degree as a bus conductor.

When Simon was younger, he loved school and wished to be among scholars one day. Thus, he began  to work during the day and then attend classes in the evening.

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Since he had no qualification for a good paying job, he became a bus conductor joining Kenya Bus Service (KBS). He saved up money for one year and enrolled at the University of Nairobi (UoN) for an undergraduate course


Due to his harrowing financial challenges, he studied for five years instead of the normal three years due to lack of school fees.

Despite his tough circumstance, Simon Ndaya Maina was able to graduate on December 2 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Procurement from UoN.

According to him:

“I used to save KSh 100-KSh1800 weekly and supplemented my income by farming maize in an acre of land that my mother gave me,” said Maina.

“I was called by the management last week and they and they told me to take my updated CV after graduation so I am hoping to get a job in the company’s procurement department,” he was quoted by Nairobi News.

Currently, the father of one who had gone through a two-month internship as East African Portland Cement in 2015 can handle procurement issues proficiently.

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Watch Simon

keep in mind that the 56th University of Nairobi’s graduation ceremony took place on December 2 and it saw 8,500 receive Degrees and  Diplomas. And only Graduands who completed paying the fees due to the University were allowed to graduate.