Meet Nakku Justine – 25 Year Old Kenyan Multi-Millionaire Farmer

Meet this woman from Kenya who has given farming a whole new twist. She is wise enough to know that farming is a money-producing venture and chose to be a farmer in spite of the obviously wrong but popular idea that African farmers are poor village men and women.

As long as people still walk this earth, there will always be demand for food, and Nakku Justine has grabbed this fact with with both arms and set up her farm on 6 acres of land.

She produces a lot of agricultural products, including dairy, poultry, carrots and cabbage and they have fetched her big money.

Having overcome the countless conditions that may hinder agricultural produce, Nakku Justine proved many who deem farming risky and non-profitable wrong.

With a lot of people in the rural areas suffering from severe poverty in Kenya, the country ranks among those that face high levels of poverty. However, this young entrepreneur did not allow that notion to trample on her dreams.

At the tender age of 25, she is already a multi millionaire because of her active involvement in the industry. And applies the same approach to her business and controls every aspect of production, producing in large-scale as well. She basically sells her produce to people who cannot get their hands on imported products due to lack of fund.

More amazingly, her large business has also seen people from the local community recruited to contribute in making the business a success. Her employees work to achieve the same goal of making food available in quantity for Kenyans.

Her success story of course shows that hard work pays, especially when combined with the right mindset, and sharp business acumen.

It is also a good example to young women to know that they can put their beauty aside, work hard to become inspirations to others. So doing, they have things to offer to the nation besides their looks.

People have been told every now and then to be less of consumers and turn their hands into gifted ones. The story of Nakku Justine which has turned into a viral sensation should inspire us to get to work.

She has also drawn the attention of business men and women worth billions of money from around the world. Silverbird owner Ben Murray-Bruce has also been motivating Africans, especially his compatriots, Nigerians, to go into farming.

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Needless to say that anybody can make their dreams a reality by putting your ideas into work.

Countries need not to spend money to import goods when there are farmers waiting to produce double of what the same money can buy abroad.

There tens and hundreds of farmers in the back yard who are perfectly capable of meeting the demand and can be as successful as Nakku Justine but fund has limited their goal.

While we urge the people with enough capital to consider going into the farming business, we also urge the government to invest in farming.