Photos: Meet The Late Salim Junior’s Adorable Family

Famous Mugithi artiste Paul Mwangi popularly known as Salim Junior, died within the weekend at the Nakuru war memorial hospital from a severe  chest infection. 

Salim Junior is famously known as one of the most popular vernacular acts in the history of Kikuyu music. He gained recognition after the emergence of “one-man guitar” style of music. He was born into a home of musicians and did outstandingly amazing in Mugithi, a famous Kikuyu rendition of songs made into lengthy medleys.

Armed with a guitar, a pleasant-sounding voice and a natural skill for covering popular Kikuyu songs from the seventies and the eighties, Salim Junior won the hearts of mugithi lovers, a special genre of music that is necessarily a one man band.

Talented in aspects of mugithi, Salim is the brain behind Sarafina, Muti Uyu Mukwona remix among others.

The remix genius has over the years produced a different version of both secular and gospel music in that appealing one-man style making himself one of the most sought after artists of  all time.

The 43 year old Salim Junior is survived by his wife and a daughter with whom he lived with at the lush Kahawa West estate, Nairobi,  while away from his Subukia home.



Salim Junior’s family told the Nation Newspaper that the artist would be buried at his Subukia home once they are through with the burial preparations.

His brother, Njuguna, described the deceased artist as a man whose good deeds will continue to be echoed for generations to come:

I can’t say much because God’s will cannot be changed by man. I have lost a mentor.

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Salim Junior’s main competition while he was alive was Mike Rua, who is also a genuis at the one man guitar style. His talent only overshadowed by the late the Queen Jane, John Demathew and Joseph Kamaru.