Meet The Woman Who Is A Mother, Pathologist and Philanthropist

Rogena is one of the great women who scrub their own floors and even stood in the face of storm when the wind couldn’t blow them away. She really gave light to the long-held belief; Charity begins at home. She explores the world with huge excitement and determination as a child. Rogena is among the leading women holding Kenya together with their passion, love, inspiration, hard work, vision and willingness to help others. A woman who in the middle of increased responsiblity in both her personal and professional life determinedly maps out strategy to reach her anticipated height. The determined personality was developed in a small Gem, Siaya County where she received her early education from watching her dad, Jason Ojwang host pupils from various poor and distant homes.

Additionally, Prof Rogena is now making the dream of young keen learners come through using a community resource Center at the center of the village that transformed her into one of the top forensic pathologists in Kenya and women achievers in the field.

Emily Rogena

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In Rogena’s words “We opened our home to pupils from other villages who couldn’t attend school either because their parents couldn’t afford fees or they lived far from school. We learnt that education was the only way to fight a dull poverty-stricken future,” .

She traces her passion of giving back to the society to her parents who at an early age, enrolled her in an educational sojourn in Nakuru to her aunt’s from where she only comes back to the village during school holidays to join the many pupils under her father’s mentorship.

She is an associate professor of Anatomic Pathology at the University of Nairobi. She works as a private forensic pathologist handling death inquests and taken part in investigations of different disasters over the years.

Recently, she was the family pathologist during the investigation of the cause of the death of Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo, Senator Otieno Kajwang’ and CORD leader Raila Odinga’s eldest son Fidel Castro, still this endless involvement in both well-known and common Kenyans has not only given birth to a tough woman who is dedicated to her job, but one with such a humble soul too.

While in Mount St. Mary’s Girls Primary School, she was prepared for multi-cultural engagements that are most common today in her practice as a lecturer, forensic pathologist, volunteer, wife and mother.

Thereafter, a heart for science and an understanding of how the human body works discloses particular surgical operations during her training as a medical doctor at the University of Nairobi in 1984, nurturing her passion in a rare medical field.

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As Kenya joins the rest of the world in marking International Women’s Day, the woman whose proficiency has seen her through the subsequent trainings in human and forensic pathology is very much positive that it will only cost determination and dedication to a particular field for the modern woman to achieve success and reach any height she anticipates.

In the programme Themed, ‘Make It Happen,’ Rogena recognizes the worth of the fact that Kenya is getting ready to embrace the idea of women playing decision-making and attitude-influencing roles in the country. She also points out that it can be made even feasible by a series of deliberate check programmes.

she is required to perform post-mortem, gather evidence on a person’s cause of death. Ad she would do that through the submission of samples of body tissues and fluids for laboratory investigation and coming up with detailed reports, endorsing death certificates and giving testimony at inquests and courts for being a forensic pathologist.

At the Fourth African Society of Forensic Medicine Conference which was held on Tuesday, she came up with a comparative analysis of the death investigation systems in Kenyan, British and Scottish systems. She however hopes to inform the creating up of a local one to advance the standards of forensic medical science services in the country.

She visualizes in the next one year a country that would train her forensic pathologists so to be able to provide enough services to the ever-growing 40 million populations in a field that is continuously turning competitive, but very important to a country’s advancement.

Apart from being a lecturer, this woman is also loves finding out more on the causes of disease and is now involved in a three-year study searching for the causes of death in children aged below five and this will tell medical practice reasons some Kenyan children are not living beyond this age.

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In an interview, Rogena made it clear that  “As a mother, it is equally sad to lose your child thus we are hoping that after we have completed the study of 200 children, we will publish our findings that can thereafter be used to formulate national guidelines on child health based on the current health risks,”

She is also playing a prominent role in a national team required to create a workable death examination system and which are discussions contained in the National Coroner Service Bill.

Rogena added “We should have state-of-the-art forensic services and this will speed up investigations, lead to prosecution thus deliver justice to persons and families afflicted,”

And in case you are wondering who her mentor might be, she grabs inspiration from one of her amazing lecturers, the present chairperson of the Department of Human Pathology, Prof Grace Kitonyi, who also gave pathology classes life through her passion and determination on pathology.

“She was so elaborate in her teaching that you barely required foraging the books to understand the concepts. She has a keen ear for both staff and students and she is the epitome of women who are making it happen,” she added.

Without any doubt, we would rank Rogena as one of the women who is constantly making Kenya proud.

Image Source: In2eastafrica