Mesut Ozil And Paul Pogba Fund Surgeries For African Children

With the ongoing Euro 2016 Championship, Germany’s Mesut Ozil and France’s Paul Pogba have decided to reach out to Africa. The remarkable midfielders teamed-up to pay the medical bills of African kids.

In conjunction with the Big Shoe11 charity campaign, traced back to the 2006 World cup, Ozil and Pogba are set to pay for the medical treatment of 22 youngsters in Africa.

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The Big Shoe charity started at the 2006 world cup. Then, Togo’s national team paid for the surgery of a young Togolese girl.

Essentially, the essence of the BigShoe11 campaign is to find football players that will pay for the operations of children in need.

Reports have it that the Arsenal and Juventus players were the first to declare their interest in the charity project.

While other global stars are expected to participate in the charity project soon, the duo has confirmed that they’ll be parting with their money to fund the surgeries.

The surgeries as learnt, are for children with burn injuries and club foot.

However, Ozil during an interview in London, divulged that the 11 African children he would fund their surgeries, all suffered serious burns.

Speaking about his charity campaign partner – Paul Pogba, Ozil said: “I don’t know him yet, but we will definitely meet this summer. I played against him at the World Cup…”

On the other end, Pogba confirmed that he would be helping African kids who suffered birth defects. He added that he won’t just fund the surgeries, but keep in touch with the kids undergoing the surgeries.

“During the tournament I will be following their progress because I am really interested in the surgeries. I am just happy to help,” he stated.

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Pogba also talked about Ozil, he said: “I don’t know him personally, but I have played against him. He is a great football player though and I am really looking forward to playing against him again.”