Methane Gas Discovered In Kajiado County While Drilling A Borehole

Kajiado County looks to be the latest place in East Africa to find some sort of natural resource lying beneath it after methane gas was discovered while water officials were drilling a borehole.

According to a report by Citizen Digital, a man identified as Kiloi Royimen said that he and several other Kajiado county water officials were supervising a team that was drilling a borehole when they stroke ‘gold’.

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He said the drillers informed them of the existence of methane gas in the ground.

“We were in the process of drilling a borehole but after realizing that we were not tapping into a sustainable source of water, the geologist in our team recommended that we conduct tests after which we continued with the drilling and that is when we stumbled upon the gas,” Royimen says.

The team said they immediately notified the appropriate authorities of the latest discovery.

Former Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet was present at the scene when Royimen further revealed that engineers from the Kenya National Oil Corporation, representatives from the Ministry of Mining, County Government officials and other geologists have all been in contact with him and are expected at the site on Friday, October 5.

Mositet who looked visibly happy with the discovery urged the Ministry of Energy to conduct further explorations so the people of Kajiado can benefit wholesomely from it.

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What Is Methane Gas?

Methane Gas is a chemical compound with the formula CH4, a simple hydrocarbon of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms.

It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and combustible gas usually found both below ground and under the seafloor.

Methane gas alone is not toxic and does not cause health problems in drinking water but at elevated concentrations, it can escape quickly from water causing an explosive hazard in poorly ventilated or confined areas.

It can be used to generate electricity by burning it in a gas turbine or steam generator. Compared to other hydrocarbon fuels, methane produces less carbon dioxide for each unit of heat released.