Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is celebrating her last birthday at the White House on Jan. 17!

But, while the lovely first lady may be going out, she’s definitely going out in style! So, while Michelle turns 53, check out her most flawless looks over the past year.

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Michelle Obama, 53, has definitely been known for her fashion sense throughout her eight-year reign as the first lady of the United States. So now that she’s moving out of the White House, we can’t help but look back at all her amazing outfits during her last year “in office.”

2016-Z-October 19th-state house dinner Italy-Versace

Michelle definitely knows how to dress the part and we are always so excited to see what look she will bust out at each event she attends.

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Everything from her shimmering rose gold Versace gown, which she wore to the last state dinner in October 2016, to her understated, yet gorgeous navy blue frock, which she donned at hubby President Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago on Jan. 10, have been absolutely flawless looks!

We cannot imagine her ever looking more amazing than she did this year!


Michelle Obama is not only a gorgeous woman but one of the most well-respected, intelligent and thoughtful first ladies we have ever had.

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Her initiatives to help the children of the United States get healthier are so admirable and her lively personality is endearing. We can’t imagine what life will be like without her (and her killer arms!) now that she’s leaving.

She won’t be easily forgotten not just as a first lady of the United States but as an icon and a role model to many all over the world.

2016-Michelle-at-Singapores state house dinner August 3

She has set a pace which no one will be matching any sooner including Melania Trump. It’s her birthday today and we wish her the most memorable birthday ever.

But we are sure she will keep rocking those amazing styles no matter what her title is.

Happy Birthday to the most fashionable first lady, ever!