Jeff Koinange

Aspiring Nairobi governor and author Miguna Miguna has asked the Media Council of Kenya to investigate The Standard Media Group following the video of him berating Esther Passaris.

Mr Miguna, who appeared on JK Live alongside Ms Passaris, a fellow aspirant, was videoed making disparaging comments about his opponent during the commercial break.

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He claims the video in question was edited to affect his campaign.

In his complaint, Mr Miguna said the video, which has been received thousands of views online, portrayed him unfit for the position of governor.

He said:

”The foregoing media house secretly, illegally and without consent recorded, maliciously edited and published a distorted portion of an offensive and unauthorised version of the illegally recorded conversation on the Internet, in gross violation of my legal and constitutional rights.”

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He went on to ask the Media Council of Kenya to investigate the act with appropriate action taken to have the video deleted from all ”retrievable, non-retrievable, temporary or permanent locations”.

The complaint also demanded that the offending parties unequivocally apologize to Mr Miguna for violating his rights.

Miguna Miguna’s complaint joins the long list of criticism Jeff Koinange and The Standard Media Group have received following the airing of the show.

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Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki demanded the Media Council to order KTN to pull down the video after it allowed guests engage in personal attacks.

She sought answers on why the media house allowed the continued assault without intervening.

In her statement, Ms Kariuki said that the show ”trivialised the crime of rape” with subsequent comments on social media normalising the unacceptable and dehumanising act.