Miguna Miguna

Two of Nairobi’s gubernatorial candidates Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris got into a shouting match on the set of Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday.

Miguna Miguna, who was once an aide to opposition chief, Raila Odinga, berated his opponent using racial slurs in a behind the scenes video.

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The video captured the verbal altercation between the two gubernatorial aspirants with Miguna Miguna saying;

”No one wants you anymore Esther and that is the painful truth, you think you’re beautiful but it’s just the colour,” Miguna said.

”Without the colour you are nothing, you are here running after men but no one wants you.”

Ms. Passaris who is usually referred to as Mama Supuu meaning the beautiful one looked bemused as she responded telling Mr. Miguna he was ”[email protected]%$ing disgusting” and a ”racist”.

Jeff Koinange Live went ahead with the candidates making their case to take over Nairobi’s City Hall.

Jeff Koinange Live

Miguna Miguna said the incumbent Governor and all other aspirants were afraid of his revolution and are avoiding a one on one engagement with him.

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He assured Nairobians that he had a proper plan to improve infrastructure and revamp service delivery. He went on to ask for the people’s support to win the elections.

”We are going to drain the swamp,” said Miguna. ”Money will and can not win an election and I will win with the people’s support since it is cartels against myself in the race,” he added.

Esther Passaris, on the other hand, said she did not have a plan. She argued that people have had manifestos but failed to deliver their promises after elections.

”I do not need to have a manifesto as several people have had their own and failed to deliver to the people,” she said.

She went on to add that she was not going to politics until the election time as she reaffirmed her support for Governor Kidero.

“I want to vie for governor’s seat but I will only stand against him when the electioneering time comes. Since I need services I have to support Governor Kidero,” Passaris said.

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Ms. Pasaris also urged Nairobians not to buy into the lies of Mr Miguna because he would likely betray them as he supposedly betrayed his former boss Raila Odinga who helped him gain recognition.

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