Mike Sonko: 10 Things You Should Know About Him

Mbuvi Gideon Kioko or Mike Sonko as he is commonly known is the immediate former Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, in Nairobi Kenya. His first stint in parliament was through a by-election in which he floored established political figures such as Ruben Ndolo. He recently became the first senator of Nairobi County after beating his rivals for the seat. The following are

10 Things You’ve Never Heard About Mike Sonko

1. His Background

Mike Sonko was born on February 27 1975. Sonko spent his early years in crime, from mugging people in the streets of Mombasa to becoming a major international drug lord. He is a notorious jail breaker, having escaped from Shimo La Tewa Prison under unclear circumstances. His thuggish, often garish mode of dressing has only reinforced this image of a gangster.

2. Before Parliament

Before Mike Sonko joined parliament, he used to operate a fleet of matatus (Public vehicles) in Eastlands. How he got the capital to start this venture is anybody’s guess. He also used to engage in various shady deals. Whether he is now on the straight and narrow is not clear.

Mike Sonko3

3. Family Man

Mike Sonko is married and has three daughters namely; Saumu, Salma and Sandra. All his daughters are from different mothers. Saumu is from the late Njeri, Salma is from a woman in Juja while Sandra’s mother is from his current wife Prim.

4. Scandalous

Even though he tries to present the image of a family man, his family and people close to him know otherwise. He is a well-known womanizer who has mistresses all over the place. In fact, his current wife used to be close friends with his late wife, Njeri. Sonko and his late wife used to have fights all the time because of his unfaithfulness. He would sleep around with close friends of Njeri, thus the constant fights. Recently, unflattering photos of Sonko and Shebesh were splashed all over the media, proving that there was more than meets the eye in their relationship.

5. Drug Lord

Mike Sonko1

Just like his colleagues Harun Mwau and William Kabogo, Sonko would present the image of a victim while claiming his life is being threatened. In December 2010, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) named Sonko alongside Kilome MP Harun Mwau, Juja MP William Kabogo and Kisauni MP Hassan Joho as the leading drug lords in Kenya.

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6. He is Popular

Despite his numerous scandals, Mike Sonko is very popular, especially among the youth. Maybe it has something to do with his manner of dressing and the way he carries himself. He tries as much as possible to identify with the youth. He always attends youth functions such as musical concerts and sporting events.

Mike Sonko2

7. Court Cases

Mike Sonko has a number of court cases that are pending before the courts. In one of his cases, he is accused of defrauding a woman of money after selling her piece of land. He was recently accused of slapping a police officer at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. However, the cop has since withdrawn the court case and the case failed to proceed at the Kibera Law Courts.

8. Generosity

Mike Sonko is very generous and he can always be seen donating money for various youth initiatives. He caused a stir at the JKIA when he went to welcome our national team, the Harambee Stars, from a successful outing in Nigeria where they held the reigning African Champions to a 1-1 draw. He came bearing gifts, a million shillings from himself and another million from His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta, in cash I might add.

9. Development Record

He kept his word to the people of Makadara and he greatly improved their living conditions. He established various youth initiatives to help the youth in his constituency get a source of livelihood. He even campaigned for the abolition of parking fees for his constituents. He was recently named the patron of The Association of People with Dwarfism.

Mike Sonko4

10. Social Campaigner

Mike Sonko is passionate about things that affect the common mwananchi. He recently intervened and resolved a dispute between mechanics who were operating at Grogan and managed to acquire a piece of land that was in dispute. He is also following up on the compensation claim for the people who suffered after the Sinai tragedy.