Sonko Celebrates Birthday With Muhoho Kenyatta, Adorns His Father’s Grave With Whiskey Bottles

Nairobi senator Mike Sonko celebrated his birthday in a way many would not have imagined. The senator rather than celebrating himself, partied in celebration of his late father’s unforgettable role in his life.

In a show of respect, Senator Mike beautified his father’s grave with more than 15 bottles of whiskey he prefers the most – Johnnie Walker.

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Sonko noted that this is the first time he marks his birthday without his dad being around after his father Gideon Kivanguli gave up the ghost in September.

Sonko was joined by his wife and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son Muhoho, whom he referred to as his running mate.

Sonko’s update on Facebook on Thursday read:

Today I was joined by my lovely wife Lady Primrose, my friend/running mate 2032/ FP (God willing after the DP and myself) Mo, in celebrating my birthday in style by staying in doors at my Mua Family Farm.

A day like this my Dad used to celebrate my birthday with me by taking a bottle of Johny Walker, since he had left his stock in the cabinet I decided to celebrate it with him.

I am thanking God for the life of my late dad. Were it not for him, my late Mum and God, I could not have reached where I am today.

Some good things are happening in our life as a family and we look up the heaven and smile, I know its you Dad. Thank you for you for the good counsel. Rest in peace Dad, I miss you dearly.


The senator further catalogued how his father handled his smartness when he applied it wrongly by being involved in  forgery.

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He mentioned one incident where he had made changes to his birth certificate to obtain an ID because he was too young to be issued one.

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He wrote:

All students who had attained the age of 18 years were supposed to show a copy of birth certificate or notification of birth document from any hospital.


I had to forge mine with a white-out and backdated it by 3 years so that I could also be issued with an ID instantly, just like the rest of my classmates.

Sonko narrated that his father wasn’t happy with him for the act when he found out, but as a child who really didn’t know the aftermath of his actions, “he forgave me and never lost hope in me even after doing all these reckless things.”


Sonko added:

The mistake of yesterday will not determine the success of tomorrow.

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