Mike Sonko

Nairobi Governor aspirant Mike Sonko has said he is willing to work with all the candidates who lost in the just concluded Nairobi county Jubilee nominations.

Sonko said he will meet with Peter Kenneth and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru to forge unity ahead of the August elections.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV on Wednesday, Sonko said:

“If Kenneth is willing to work with me, let him come and we can talk. I am willing to work with my opponents in Jubilee.”

“We will meet and discuss how to make Nairobi a better place.”

The Nairobi Senator further dispelled claims he was offered a deal to back down from the race.

“Talk that there was money offered for me to step down for Peter Kenneth is a lie. Why would a leader accept money to serve his people?”

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He stated that he will consult the party and the people of Nairobi on the choice for a suitable running mate.

“Certain people were proposed to be the deputy governor including Jimnah Mbaru, Dennis Waweru, Margaret Wanjiru.”

“The business community has to give me a technocrat, a person who will be from the corporate world, to be my deputy.”

Regarding his qualifications, Sonko said those purporting that he never went to school are just playing dirty politics. He also added that leadership comes from God and not academic qualifications.

“Education is not a measure of leadership capabilities. I went to school, and I can speak fluent English.”

“We should have an amendment to the law that restricts leadership to academic qualifications.”

“It is mostly Ph.D. holders who have messed [up] most of the corporate entities in [this] country.”

The senator also cleared the air on allegations of his past criminal records that have resurfaced following a request for the status of past cases against him.

“People trying to dig into my past should stop because there is nothing they will find.”

“My past is open for scrutiny. I am honest and open about it unlike many politicians.”

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The Senator, known for his flashy lifestyle, promised to no longer wear chains and jewelry.

“The people of Nairobi have bestowed their trust on me and I am also growing with time from MP, Senator and now hopefully Governor.”

He exuded confidence in clinching the governor seat and further promised to solve youth unemployment, traffic menace, corruption among other issues.