Mini Skirts Ban: Tanzania Outlaws Skimpy Dresses

Have you been hearing rumors of mini skirts ban for too long that it now seems never-coming? Well the wait is over as Tanzania’s government has made this a reality. The country has placed a ban on wearing of Mini skirts and skimpy dresses.

According to reports reaching us this morning, mini skirts and dresses are no longer to be won in the John Magufuli led country. While some African governments are busy fighting terrorism, economic crisis and other huge challenges which most African countries are currently facing, Tanzania’s government decides to ban ladies from wearing minis… a big strike on fans of the skimpy!

This is happening in a country where foreign trips for ministers and senior government officials have been banned, insisting that ministers should visit the nation’s countryside to familiarize themselves with what is happening in the villages and that embassies are capable of representing Tanzania abroad. Also, the frugal government last year banned its residents from twerking in public in a bid to preserve culture and instill morals into the current generation.

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Now women in Tanzania officially have less than a month precisely three weeks to enjoy and learn how to live without their short skirts and dresses. In point of fact, at the end of three weeks to come, all the ladies in the named area will have to make do without their mini dresses as the government marks red on showing of a thigh. And infringing this law might land one in jail.

The statement released which bans mini skirts and dresses indicates that tight dresses or exposing attires will no longer be accepted in Tanziania, especially around Tarime district, Mara region, where a prominent leader has said he will put the ban into effect.

This is not only applicable to locals since even foreigners will also find it hard to have access to the area in the would-be illegal dress. The reason for the ban is that minis have been playing a major role in the spread of HIV and AIDS in the district and the entire country.


Meanwhile, the said ban has caused outrage in the country as many campaign for freedom of dress in Tanzania, arguing that there is no point determining dress code for girls. They stated that most girls have lost their morals and have gone over the board of immorality and as such will not be contained by mere declaring a particular dress code illegal.

Having in mind that we are at the prime of modern age, putting on a mini skirt or dress isn’t a conclusive proof that any girl is a sex worker. Apparently, more work should be done in HIV awareness, with focus on having unprotected sex with untested partner and not just banning dress code.

Moreover, a handful advised the girls in the said area to relocate to Kenya where the president focuses on relevant issues of speeding up the economic development and welfare of the people.