Congestina Achieng

Becoming a famous boxer should immediately earns an athlete respect forever, right? That’s not always the case.

This is because every athlete eventually ends their career since nobody plays forever. Also, age, misfortune and time most of the time brings people’s career to an end.

Some athletes never reach their full potential for one reason or another. But there are athletes who seem to be consistently overlooked despite being celebrated in the past..

Just the case of former boxer Congestina Achieng.

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Based on reports, the former female boxing champion is in poor health at her rural home in Siaya. Kenyans have urged the government to assist former female boxing champion Congestina Achieng.

On different social media platforms, Kenyans have posted and shared a photo of Congestina looking weak, distressed and stressed out. She was pictured at her rural home in Siaya.

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Here Are A Few:

It is alleged that the ex-celebrated athlete is suffering from a mental disease. This follows a string of mental reports linked to the former boxing queen in the last few years.

Some years back, she was said to have battled mental illness and drug abuse problems.


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In early 2016, she escaped from a mental hospital where she was receiving treatment. Since then, the family effort to take her back to the hospital has failed, especially for financial reasons.

This is a stark contrast of the talented boxer who we once saw clogging up slew of belts for victories after victories in her matches.

According to a source close to the family, the boxer (frequently in rage) attacks family members, children and neighbours.