Missing Lion Found In Isinya Shot Dead By KWS Officers

A missing lion said to have wandered off its park on Tuesday was spotted in Isinya town, Kajiado county, on Wednesday morning and was killed.

The lion was shot after it not only attacked and wounded a boda boda rider, but looked furious on seeing the rangers.

The lion which drifted off Nairobi National Park on Tuesday night has been shot dead by wildlife officials in Isinya town, 58km (36 miles) south of the capital, Nairobi, after it was found in Isinya Plains close to County Resort.

An eye witness who resides close to Isinya-Kiserian Road said the lion was spotted around 6 am and was promptly reported to the police.

Hours later, the area was brimming with armed Isinya police officers after they were ordered by deputy county commissioner David Kipkemei.

Kenya Wildlife Service rangers in the county came as well but without tranquilizer guns.

Officers at the KWS headquarters in Nairobi were charged to return the lion to its home before it harms even more people. The source revealed that the lion seemed agitated on sighting the officers and could have escaped if the measure wasn’t taken.

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The lion already injured a man and he was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Speaking to the media, KWS spokesman Paul Udoto revealed that encroachment has caused the recent spotting of lions outside their home.  He added that several lions have been seen in Isinya and Kipeto plains due to the encroachment by people onto wildlife corridors.

According to Udoto:

“That was the migration route for wildlife from Amboseli National Park to Nairobi National Park. People have put up houses along the route. This is common and there is nothing that can be done”

Last month, up to six lions were said to have slipped off the Nairobi park, and just recently another lion escaped Nairobi National Park and allegedly wounded one person.

The incident was caught in a video and in the video probably filmed by some motorists and shared on social media, the lion identified as Cheru, was seen by commuters close to the Kaysalt area along Mombasa Road running close to the fence of Kaysalt building.


The park, a large home for giraffes, zebras and other wild animals on the edge of Kenya’s capital has lost more lions shortly  than it gained them.

Pictures of lions roaming and apparently playing on Kenya’s roads resurfaced a week after a number of lions, said to be up to six, escaped from a nearby national park on February 22 and got into a settlement area in Lang’ata along the Southern bypass.

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KWS later noted that they were all found.

Conservation experts blamed the reduction in the land space of the park caused by government agencies who are now gradually invading the park beyond the normal limit as the cause of the growing incidences of lions escaping the park.


Kenya’s eldest national park is under threat from the capital’s rapid growth over the last ten years. Poachers have also played a sad role in the population of the animals, whose numbers have reduced greatly.

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Photo Courtsey: The Star