Missing MH370 Flight Debris Found In Tanzania

A large piece of debris believed to be part of the missing MH370 flight has been found in Tanzania.

Australian and Malaysian investigators have confirmed that the debris found off the coast of Tanzania on the Pemba island belongs to the aircraft.

The Malaysia flight MH370 was flying from Kuala Lumpor to Beijing when it vanished in March 2014. 239 people were on-board the flight presumed to have gone off course and crashed into the southern Indian ocean.

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Missing MH370 Flight

The discovered fragment has been identified to be the inboard section of the right, outboard flap of the plane.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has released a report saying it is examining the discovered fragment. They are looking for evidence to show how the flap was operating at the time it separated from the wing.

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The evidence would tell whether the Boeing 777 flight was being operated as it went down into the sea. It will give a clue to whether the crash was deliberate or an accident.

Pieces of debris have been found in and around the oceans of Mozambique, South Africa, Rodrigues Island, Mauritius and Tanzania. But none of what has been found can help narrow down the precise location of the missing plane.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau estimates that by December, the search for the missing plane will end. The 120,00 square kilometer search zone in the Indian ocean would have been completed.

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The search so far has eaten up $160m and would require additional funding to continue. Malaysia, Australia and China have agreed to suspend the search unless new evidence that would pinpoint a specific location of the aircraft emerges.