Miguna Sneers At Nkaiserry As MCAs Claim Joho Might Be Killed In The Guise Of Terror Attack

The Kenya government has been accused by some Mombasa MCAs of plotting to terminate or cause the disappearance of Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho, and as expected of stories like this, the rumour is spreading really fast.

The Tudor MCA Patrick Simuyu was quoted by the press as suggesting while at Tuesday afternoon’s sitting that the butchering would not be direct but will come in the guise of a terror attack.

This was after Kipeveu MCA Ibrahim Kondo noted that Mombasa locals were on high security alert.

Old Town’s Mofard Amur also explained that Joho may be killed anytime. Amur went on to cite the times of JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, Sorenei, and Bishop Alexander Muge, when they walked the same road which he likened to   the one currently being traveled by Governor.

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Backing his hypothesis, Amur referenced the final outcome of the trials and persecutions of the people he mentioned during the time of former states, saying history can’t easily be cleaned off.

Adding that Joho’s strength in the region’s politics has made him a soft target for the government, Amur said:

The government  would probably do anything to stifle his mouth. I grew up to learn that leaders who opposed the government of the day and had clout with suffering people were either silenced or killed using state machinery. 

Amur added that Joho might escape assassination because of his significance in politics, which could anger his supporters. But he also stated that he probably wouldn’t escape being pushed to suffer the aftereffects of the stress on the governor, which according to him, might include nightmares, depression, flashbacks, serious anxiety, and memory issues.

Though other MCAs who were present at that time noted that Joho stands the chance of losing his office, a senior public official has declined this claim afterwards.

According to the official, who spoke differently to The Star, government has got too much of a schedule to waste time going in the extreme. The official whose name is withheld told The Star that it is out of the ordinary to go too extreme and government of course would not want to travel that lane.

Furthering, the official however recommends that the governor should request for more heightened security if he feels his life is under threat.

Railing at the MCAs, the official added that MCAs are entitled to their own opinion and as such, can make such statements. But their statement can only be substantiated if they can take an oat in court backing their statement, he said. Shocked that the Mombasa Speaker had allowed such talks to have held, the official challenged the MCAs to head to court and swear an affidavit.

The Star also hinted that the Speaker Thadius Rajwayi had issued a cautionary warning to MCAs to be careful of their utterances as such statement could incite violence.

Meanwhile Miguna, while speaking on the firearms matter, chose rather to advise Nkaiserry concerning his defiant order. He said he could be sent home in a blink of eye, reminding him that he is only a political appointee. He urged Nkaiserry to not to speak so unthinkably but to speak with wisdom.

Calling the general his good friend whom he respects tremendously, Miguna urged the Interior CS to think with his head and not with any other part of his body.

The controversial politician who is also a one-time adviser to PM Raila Odinga advised the general to listen carefully to protocols before speaking on issues that is seemingly encircled by politics. He told Nkaissery that there should be a difference between him and Ole Lenku.

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