Most Insane Things County Governors Have Done Since Being Formally Admitted to Office

Governors, Senators, MPs, MCAs and other political leaders have been struggling to win the hearts of Kenyans since they took office thanks to the new constitution that was introduced and enforced. While some political leaders have succeeded in making the right choices in their leadership, some others have been accused of misusing funds and lavishing money in the wrong sectors, embezzling of taxpayer’s funds, bad governance, and so many others. We don’t really want to criticise or judge governance rather, we want to share a few of what some county governors have done which Kenyans find funny and most insane.

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1. Spending 8 Million Shillings To Renovate A Gate – Nyamira County


Under John Nyagarama who is the governor of Nyamira County, the county constructed a gate to the Nyamira County Hospital at the cost of Ksh8m and a toilet that cost the people of Nyamira County Ksh3.5m. The hospital in question has no perimeter wall. Kenyans are as of yet wondering if the gate is a golden or diamond gate cos it does not look like either. Who knows maybe some diamonds are in its handle!

2. Spending 2 Million Shillings For A Facebook Page – Kirinyaga County


Normally, anyone would assume creating a social media account/page is free but it took Kirinyaga 2 million to create one. According to reports, the County head, Joseph Kirunyu Ndathi paid 2 Million shillings to a contractor for creating a Facebook Page. So quit thinking it’s entirely free to create a Facebook page, it cost people in Kirinyaga an outrageous amount of money to have one. Though he denied it saying that the services contracted for were management of all social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the county website, among others.

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3. Wheelbarrow Fairytale – Bungoma County


Bungoma County once again sparks media uproar and controversy after the county government spent 1 Million shillings on ten wheelbarrows. According to reports, the county’s ministry of agriculture bought the wheelbarrows for Sh109,320 each for its slaughterhouse. This really rubbed residents the wrong way and they took it to the streets in protest of what they term as wastage of public fund.  This also got people making several hilarious clips of Bungoma wheelbarrow.

4. Splashing 200M Shillings on Miss Tourism Kenya Finals – Vihiga County


Vihiga County disclosed lately that it had made available 200M for Miss Tourism Kenya Finals which is scheduled for next year. Meanwhile, more than a quarter of the residents in Vihiga County are busy scrabbling against jiggers. The county is hoping to improve tourism by spending such a big amount of money.

5. Fire Engine that Cost a Whooping 21 Million – Bomet County


Isaac Ruto recently made public 3 “fire engines” in his county but people criticized this big purchase. Some of the residents lashed out at him saying that the “fire engines” that he claims to have bought look strikingly like TATA lorries coated red. The launched three fire engines (ugly pick ups according to locals) which come in an odd shape and considerably small in size are said to have cost him 21 Million.

6. Construction of a Muddy Footbridge – Kirinyaga County


Still in Kirinyaga County is another expenditure that Kenyans see as insane. Perhaps, the 2 Million shillings to create a Facebook Page wasn’t enough as Governor Ndathi is said to have constructed a  muddy footbridge for the residents of Kirinyaga County for unmentioned mount. This has left him trending for days on social media.