accused of witchcraft

A woman and her daughter were allegedly accused of witchcraft in Kisii County and burnt alive by the villagers.

The woman said to be 95 years of age and her daughter, 53, were accused of witchcraft practices and later burnt alive inside their apartment in Kisii County.

Reports had it that the victims could be innocent as there was no evidence presented by the villagers before burning them alive.

In Kisii county, there has been this trend of burning people alive especially when they have been suspected of something bad like witchcraft. This trend has more to do with old people and not young ones.

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In the past, when people were branded witches, they were killed for it even when they were clearly innocent of the accusations.

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‘Witch’ burning is a common and illegal practice in African countries, especially in East African countries like Tanzania and Kenya.

Those targeted are men and women of advanced ages but questions have risen, asking how one is determined to be a witch and why these vigilante groups taking fatal action into their hands have not been brought to book.

For most elder members of society, enjoying their sunset years in peace has become a myth as they live in fear of being attacked by these groups.

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As is in the instance of one woman in Samogara village in Marani sub-county two months ago, a 66-year-old woman lived in fear of death after numerous attempts were made on her life before they finally got to her.

Her family said that on instances, they had to bring her to live with them because her water would be poisoned or word would reach them that people with petrol were heading her way.

When they finally got to her, they decapitated her head, slashed and burnt her to death.