200 Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

It is expected for every movie buff  to keep abreast of happenings in the world of movies, not just names of movies but also names of the actors and actresses playing different roles in different movies. Most times a group of movie freaks gather together and  all they do is talk about movies and you need to be updated to join in the conversation, the discussion ranges from latest movie releases, best actors/actresses, most interesting scenes etc  It will be very odd to find yourself in that circle and not say a word, all because you are not enlightened or knowledgeable about movies. Here is  a list of movie trivia questions and answers for your consumption. These questions and answers might seem trivial, but they are fun to read.

200 Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Movie Trivia Questions and Answers


1. Who was the first female monster to appear in a movie? Bride of Frankenstein

2. Lucille Le Sueur became famous as what actress? Joan Crawford

3. What classic film was called production 9401 during filming? Psycho

4. What actor won an Oscar posthumously for Network? Peter Finch

5. What color were the slippers in the original Wizard of Oz? Silver

6. Which director directed the movie of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451? Francois Trufeau

7. William Hurt won the best actor Oscar for what 1985 movie? The Kiss of the Spiderwoman

8. Raquel Welch once had a job as a what? Weathergirl

9. In the first two Jaws film, what was the police chiefs name? Martin Brody

10. Which famous actor was born in Chihuahua Mexico? Anthony Quinn

11. What was the name of James Bonds secretary? Loelia Ponsonby

12. Mary Catherine Collins scored acting success as who? Bo Derek

13. In the movie Star Wars, what is the Emperors last name? Palpatine

14. What film was the last sequel to win a best picture award? Silence of the Lambs

15. In South Dakota what is it illegal to show in movies ? Police getting beaten

16. Who was the director of Four Weddings and a Funeral? Mike Newell

17. In 1908, A’Ecu d’Or became the world’s first what? Pornographic movie

18. What actress in the film Goldfinger was painted gold? Shirley Eaton

19. Who was it who once said “I have had a talent for irritating women since I was 14”? Marilyn Monroe

20. Bruce Willis played a time travelling criminal in what movie? Twelve Monkeys

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21. In the Terminator, Sarah Conner was played by who? Linda Hamilton

22. Excluding “the”, which word appears the most often in Bond film titles? Never

23. Wings of Desire, a foreign film, was remade as what starring the actor Nicolas Cage? City of Angels

24. Where was Rhett Butler of Gone With the Wind born? Charleston

25. The first movie ever given the title “Blockbuster” was which movie? Jaws

26. Which screenwriter has received the most Oscar nominations? Woody Allen

27. In Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, what is the name of the Queen witch? Maleficent.

28. What was David Leans first film? Oliver Twist

29. Charlie Chaplin insured which part of his body? Feet

30. In 1933, what was the first film to have a sequel? King Kong , sequel was Son of Kong

31. The Golden Bear is awarded at which film festival? Berlin

32. What was Norman Bates hobby in Psycho? Stuffing birds

33. What did Marlon Brando and George C Scott refuse? Oscars

34. Which actor once had a job as a coffin polisher? Sean Connery

35. In 1933, what was the first film shown in a drive in theatre? Wife Beware

36. Shirley Schrift found fame and success as which actress? Shelly Winters

37. What movie won the best story Oscar in 1958? The Defiant Ones

38. What actor studied as a priest then an architect before becoming an actor? Anthony Quinn

39. In Hitchcock’s film, The Trouble with Harry, what was the trouble? He was dead

40. In which film did George Lazenby play James Bond? On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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41. What famous Hollywood star once said “men are creatures with two legs and 8 hands”? Jayne Mansfield

42. What car did Caractacus Potts drive? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

43. What was Clint Eastwoods first film, made in 1955? Francis in the Navy

44.  Who wanted to play Brody in Jaws but was rejected by Spielberg ? Charlton Heston

45. For what movie did Jack Palance win the best supporting actor Oscar in 1991? City Slickers

46. Peter Ustinov won an Oscar for best supporting actor in what movie in 1960? Spartacus

47. Gerald Thomas directed what series of films? Carry on Films

48. What did Anna Maria Louisa Italiano change her name to? Anne Bancroft

49. Who dropped the role of Clouseau before Peter Sellers ran with it? Peter Ustinov


More Trivia Questions with their Answers

50. What famous role did both Cary Grant and Noel Coward reject? James Bond

51. In 1995, what was Pierce Brosnan’s first James Bond movie? Goldeneye

52. In Italian translation who is Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? James Bond

53. Which X rated movie won an Oscar? Midnight Cowboy

54. According to Gene Kelly, Fred Astair was his favorite what? Dancing partner

55. In the movie Ben Hur, what were Aldeberan, Antares, Atair, and Rigel? The horses on his chariot

56. Which actress played the part of the girl on the motorcycle in a film of same name? Marianne Faithful

57. What was Jimmy Stuarts middle name? Crane

58. In the original film, who steals the Pink Panther? The Phantom

59. The method school of acting was developed by who? Konstanstin Stanislavsky

60. What was Hitchcock’s first color film? Rope

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61. Tommy Lee Jones made his movie debut in what movie? Love Story – As Hank

62. In Grease, who rejected the Olivia Newton John role? Marie Osmond

63. Who directed Serpico? Sidney Lumet

64. What was the name of the first actress to endorse a product commercially? Lilly Langtree

65. What is Sean Connery’s real first name? Thomas

66. Malden Serkiovitch used what name for his acting career? Karl Malden

67. Who won the Oscar for best supporting actress in 1967 for the film Bonnie and Clyde? Estelle Parsons

68. What famous actor failed an audition for “Fame” because was not pretty enough? Tom Cruise

69. Tracey and Hepburn’s first film in 1942 was titled what? Woman of the Year

70. What actor was known as Singing Sandy early in his career? John Wayne

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