Mung’aro Tongue Lashes Governor Joho, Calls Him A ‘Daydreamer’

Kilifi North MP Gideon Mung’aro has called Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho a daydreamer over comments he made regarding Jubilee Party’s popularity in the coast region.

Mung’aro made the comments on Wednesday, saying that Joho should get ready for a fierce battle in the 2017 general election.

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Governor Joho had declared that Jubilee Party will not win any seats in the coast region, calling its six counties opposition strongholds.

He also blasted possible decampers to Jubilee Party from the region, saying that come August 8, they would all fail.

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The legislator, who is also ODM’s minority chief whip, responded to the comments saying:

”Tell Joho that he is daydreaming. He does not own Coast. He does not have the votes of the people in his pockets,” Mung’aro said.

”We are not going to sit and encourage our people to vote for the opposition. People go to the elections to form the government, not to to be in the opposition.”

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He further added that the intention is for the coast region to have a place in government to influence decisions.

Mung’aro went on to defend the present administration listing out development across the country while blasting his party, who he said was in charge of so many ministries but did not achieve anything.

”In the last three years, and based on my association with the Jubilee government, you can see the changes that are taking place. Roads are being built and water and electricity are being supplied.”

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MP Gideon Mung’aro and Governor Joho have long been embroiled in a supremacy battle in the coast region.

Mung’aro has also formally announced his interest in the Kilifi gubernatorial seat on a Jubilee Party ticket if he secures party nomination.