MP Isaac Mwaura’s Aide Yet To Be Tried For Raping Albino Girl

Authorities began investigating a case of rape connecting MP Isaac Mwaura’s aide after he and another man raped two underage girls living with albinism on April 9, 2015.

The children who were of age for education attended at a workshop centered on the welfare of people living with albinism held in a Diani hotel in Kwale when they fell victim to sex abusers they thought cared for their well-being.

Anthony Kang’ethe and Josephat Muzungu, who worked as a children’s home caretaker, allegedly conned the two girls into their rooms to join them in watching a movie before sexually assaulting them.

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Anthony Kang’ethe is an aide to nominated Member of Parliament Isaac Mwaura, a  famous activists for the rights of people living with albinism in Kenya.

In what became a real-life horrorific movie scene for the girls, the two men allegedly locked them up and raped them repeatedly.

Police have arrested a second man, Muzungu in connection with the rape of a the two young girls but Kang’ethe fled after recording a statement and has never been charged.

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And since then, the location of Kang’ethe, who is said to have been sacked by MP Mwaura after the rape allegations, is yet to be determined.

The situation took another sordid aspect as report says Mheshimiwa Isaac Mwaura shielded his aide. But Mwaura said he has nothing to do with Kang’ethe. He said he handed him over to the police. He further said that he is not responsible for the man and should not be dragged into the matter.

The nominated MP was the chief guest at workshop for people living with albinism where Kang’ethe took advantage of a 14 -year-old girl and Muzungu raped a other 16 girls who had come for the programme.

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One of the girls took in after the rape and had to leave school. The girl, whose name is withheld for legal reasons, delivered a baby on December 27, 2015.

Doctors in Diani Health Centre shows that the two girls were sexually abused by people who ought to have served as guidance. The men recorded a statement at Ukunda Police Station in connection with the incident, but Mwaura’s aide, Kang’ethe, fled soon after.

Mwaura was nominated by ODM but has since decamped to the Jubilee coalition. The politician had expressed interest in contesting the Ruiru parliamentary seat come the 2017 General Election.