Kenya Hosts First Mr and Miss Albinism Beauty Pageant

The first ever Mr and Miss Albinism was held in Kenya on Friday to help raise awareness and change the perception of albinos.

Albinism is a rare group of genetic disorders that cause the skin, hair, or eyes to have little or no color. Visual defects are also associated with the disorder.

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The event was organized by the Albinism Society of Kenya, which was also celebrating its ten years in existence. It was also made to coincide with Africa Human Rights Day to demystify albinism as well as show the beauty of people living with it.

People with the medical condition have long been attacked and hunted for their body parts in East and Southern Africa. Organizers were hoping that the pageant will promote the inclusion of people with albinism in the society.

Dozens of persons living with the medical condition participated in the colorful event held in Nairobi, as they hoped to become an awareness ambassador for children with albinism.

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Also present to witness the occasion was Kenya Deputy President, William Ruto, who tweeted during the event.

Contestants walked the runway in various professional outfits from the armed forces to rugby outfits and fishermen. Persons with albinism statistically find it harder to find work in Kenya so the display was aimed to show that they could be a part of the country’s workforce.

Mr and Miss Albinism

The first Kenyan MP with albinism, Isaac Mwaura, said a lot needed to be done to combat the stigma and discrimination faced by persons with albinism. He also expressed his excitement for the occasion.

”Persons with albinism are extremely excited about this first ever Mr and Miss Albinism. It has never happened before and they have an opportunity to showcase what they got and I can assure you it’s something.”

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The crown for the first ever Mr and Miss Albinism Kenya went to Jairus Jzay and Loise Lihanda.

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Mr and Miss Albinism

Mr and Miss Albinism


Mr and Miss Albinism