Mr World Kenya Shares How He Handles Ladies, Especially Ones Showing Him Green Light

Kevin Oduor Owiti, the current Mr World Kenya and Africa’s most eligible bachelor (as referred by the Mr World titles) has revealed how he relates with women who give him too much attention. 

The model says he devised a best way to handle all the women who attempt to bring out their sexy flirt inside of them to grab his attention, which has helped him maintain a good and scandal-free relationship with the womenfolk.

In an interview with Capital FM, the modal said he is focusing on some serious priorities than dating. But he does that without letting the women read him wrong or feel rejected.

According to him:

“You have to set your priorities straightAs for me, girls are not really a priority to me right now though I’m not displacing them completely but for me it’s all about laying the foundation so that by the time I’m ready  to settle down at least I will be able to provide for her. I’m planning to give my woman and my kids a life that I never had before.”

The twenty-one year old was the first Kenyan to have contested in the official Mr World Kenya for nearly ten years now. He is also among the only five Africans in a pageant to win “The World’s Most Desirable Man” crown.

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He took the fourth place in the contest after beating 46 other hopefuls from around the world.

The drop-dead gorgeous Kenyan came directly behind Mr. Mexico who took the third position. A 26-year-old actor and TV personality Rohit Khandelwah who represented India won the annual competition. He is the first Indian to win the fancy title and pocketing home $50,000 prize money.

Even though our very own man didn’t grab the title, he is technically, Africa’s most desirable man or in other words, Africa’s most eligible bachelor.