Kenyatta's wrist watches

President Uhuru has proven the common belief that a man and his watch are slightly like a man and his car. Generally, men love to own the flashiest and best models when it comes to gadgets, cars, belts, watches belts etc, unlike women who are popular with shoes, hair and bag.

So it not puzzling that the president wears some of the most exuberant watch models on a regular basis. In fact, the price of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s seven top-of-the range wrist watches can put up a brand new four-bedroom house in Kiambu

The lowest in price among all his watches, a Rolex Submariner Green Bezel, is estimated to cost around KSh 850,000- an amount received by an average middle class earner in the country yearly.

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The value of his four majestic and grand watches is enough to feed some people for move than a decade. To some, the cost of his Rolex GMT Master II is the price of a Toyota Axio- the first car they could get after taking a loan.

While to some others, the amount can pay the bride price of two stunning Nyeri women

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Despite that, the president wears it on his wrist in a show of sophistication and importance. And he fearlessly flaunts them in front of millions of eyes each time he wears it.

With photojournalists snapping photos of him every chance they get, we bring you some of the luxury watches he has worn on different occasions, their names and worth.

Parmigiani Pershing series -$ 25,000 eitmated at KSh 2.5 million

Kenyatta's wrist watch


Rolex Submariner Green Bezel $ 8,500

Kenyatta's wrist wathjes


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Gold – $ 14,500 translates to KSh 1.4 million

kenyatta's wrist watches


Patek Phillipe Nautilus series – esitmated at $26,000 which is about KSh 2.6 million

Kenyatta's wrist watches


Rolex Submariner – $ 11,150 valued at KSh 1.5 million

Kenyatta's wrist watches


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – $ 48,000 that is around KSh 4.8 Million

kenyatta's wrist watches

Beyond wrist watches, President Kenyatta has proven also that he is a man of class.

This can be seen in the Brioni suits and Hugo boss shirts he wears. The cheapest suit according to a connoisseur is not less than KSh350,000, enough to cater for a 3-year rent in Roysambu or Satellite.

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The president is not alone as several other Kenyans also own pricey watches.

Kenya Commercial Bank’s CEO, Joshua Oigara  has a Sh438,000 Montblanc. Jeff Koinange, famous journalist and TV host wears a Breitling for Bentley which cost about KSh400,000.

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Sanjiv Shah, the 52-year-old RMA Motors (Kenya) chief executive officer has a Rado Florence costing around Sh600,000. Ken Oyola, Microsoft’s Global Head of Marketing Activation, is reported to have a KSh. 380,000 Tag Heuer.

Though not Kenyan, it would be unfair not to mention Bob Collymore. Guyana-born CEO owns a Breitling, Montblanc, Longines and Armani amounting to about KSh 1.6 million.