Mugo wa Wairimu

Mugo wa Wairimu has made his intention known about the approaching 2017 election, saying he will contest for the seat of Roysambu MP. According to him, his supporters pressured him into the decisive action as they believe he is the right person to lead them out of the gloom .

His Facebook page on Wednesday read:

It is now official. I will begin house to house campaigns to sell my policy to residents. I am exercising my constitutional right and no one can stop me.

This is not my decision, but a desire by people who have faith in me. Given this pressure, I will not hesitate to join the race. I do not want to disappoint them.

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Wairimu’s new ambition means he will have to face MP Waihenya Ndirangu in the race of becoming Roysambu MP.

The controversial doctor promised to make Roysambu a “great” constituency when he wins and urges for a collective ‘ejection of inactive and non-functioning MP who only watch others talk.’

Quoting the doctor:

The work of kicking out a non-performing absentee MP who has never uttered a word in the Parliament must begin. It cannot be done overnight, it is a long and tortuous journey but we must begin.

Wairimu then told the youths that getting a job would never be their headache again, assuring to get them jobs by himself. He further keeps them connected in almost all the social media platforms including email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.

It is specifically for Roysambu youths whom I will be seeking to represent in Parliament. I will set up a comprehensive, cutting-edge database of the CVs of all jobless youths.

Infamously called ‘fake gynaecologist,’ the doctor was accused of raping his patients after putting them under sedation at his Prestige Health Care Clinic in Githurai 44, Nairobi, on November 1, 2015.

The aftermath of the rape allegations led to his arrest on September 10 at the Gitungo Hotel in Limuru, Kiambu county.

On October 2, he was detained in Industrial Area Prison after failing to raise the bond.

After he was examined at a Psychiatrist in Mathari Hospital, he was charged with 10 counts of running clinics that were not officially recognized and recorded. He pleaded not guilty to all ten charges and was released on bail.

Among the conditions of the bail was a payment of Sh1 million cash bail or Sh5 million bond, then confiscation of his passport by the authority to deter him from travelling out of the country.