A woman is in court for allegedly murdering her twin babies using three kitchen knives, a court heard.

Gladys Nyambura is in court net and is facing infanticide charges for killing her one-month old twins.

She reportedly slashed the babies’ necks leading to their death on May 12 in Uhuru estate – an act that many think was done purposely since she never wanted the children, reports say.

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The prosecution counsel told court that the suspect was living with her sister who is a nurse when she had the twins.

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One day, her sister left for work while she stayed home with the house help and her twin babies. After breakfast prepared by the house help, she went into her bedroom with her twins.

The house help, Zipporah Wanjiru, told police that Nyambura later came out of the building grieving that her kids were crying uncontrollably.

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Shortly after that, Nyambura reportedly went back into the house as the house help was busy outside. Upon finishing the chores outside, the house help walked back into the house, but was shocked to see Nyambura holding three knives, two of which were covered in blood.

She tried to ask what she had done, the suspect is said to have remained mum. Wanjiru then screamed for their neighbours’ help.

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Nyambura pleaded not guilty to all the charges and was released on a surety bond of Sh300,000. The case was adjourned to September 21.

Shocked to the marrow, many opine that the woman probably suffers from perinatal mental health illness. The real motive of the murder has not been unveiled but court said the woman will be tested to rule out mental illness.