Uhuru, Ruto Betrayed Me And Here’s Why I Hate Talking About It – Mudavadi

Amani Coalition leader Musalia Mudavadi has shed light on the report that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, misled and outwitted him into believing they would support him in the past presidential race.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Big Question on Tuesday night, Mr Mudavadi was asked whether he had ever confronted the two leaders for  betraying him.

Mudavadi answered that “It is water under the bridge and I do not even talk about it , I do not even refer to it”.

He added that it was a trip down memory lane, one which he hates to explore since it is useless for his career.

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He further emphasized that he hold nothing against President Kenyatta and Ruto for not being good with promises after failing to have him as Jubilee’s Presidential Candidate in 2013, describing it as a ‘political issue’.

The ANC leader also said the only industry blowing the incident out of proportion is the media, and then he went on to urge pressmen to let the issue slide.

President Kenyatta and Ruto were said to have visited Mudavadi before the last election, pledging to get behind in unity if he joins their party.

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It was said that the three strong politicians worded their agreement in a memorandum that had their signatures. However, the two leaders only wanted to meet the December 4 deadline for registration of the coalitions and were not sure that they would get endorsed since they lacked a familiar face from Luhya Community.

The Star quoted Mudavadi as saying:

“I was preparing to launch my presidential bid on that Monday when Kenyatta, Balala, Ruto and Mwakwere arrived in my house uninvited at around 11am. Kenyatta offered to support me with Ruto as my running mate. I asked them if they were serious and they said yes. I demanded we sign a memorandum of understanding, which we did only for this agreement to be disowned a few days later.”

However during the recent interview, Musalia Mudavadi said he remains positive about his president bid in 2017, stating that his focal concern is to edge Jubilee out of the way.