EX-Minister Musikari Kombo Discloses Why He Stopped Receiving Sacrament In Church

Former minister, Musikari Kombo, has shared with the world why he stopped receiving Holy Communion, despite being an unswerving Roman Catholic.

Kombo said he could no longer take part in the religious ritual after he took a second wife.

Catholic doctrines or the cannon law provides that only a man or woman who has officially been married in a church wedding, and who understands and believe in the Church’s theological tenets, is allowed to receive the sacrament.

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Kombo told the priests at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Loreto Limuru that he wishes to visit John Cardinal Njue to seek for guidance. According to him, he is not happy that he can only attend mass every Sunday but can’t receive Holy Communion, simply because he got a second wife, which according to him, isn’t a sin.

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Musikari Kombo

Father Peter Mburu of St Peter and St Paul Catholic Church in Kiambu told him it is against the law of the Church for a man with two wives to receive the Holy Eucharist.

This is because the church regards it as adultery when a man takes in a second wife. The Reverend added that he does not know if the Vatican wants to review the doctrine.

Fr Mburu said that he has on several occasions cautioned those who secretly take Holy Communion, even though they have more than one wife, to desist from trying God.

The Church does not support taking a second wife, although there is no specific punishment for doing so, apart from denial of the Holy Communion.

Other Catholic faithful barred from receiving the Holy Communion are couples who cohabit without being officially married in church, those who have had children outside wedlock, excommunicated, interdicted, divorced or remarried couples, among others.

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Joseph Nyaga, a Catholic, spoke for other faithful, stating that the canonical laws that have existed for decades should be reviewed, given the fact that many “illegal couples” are having children outside wedlock, while divorce cases have been on the rise. He also stated that not everyone can afford a wedding.