Mutahi Ngunyi Confronts NCIC Regarding ‘Hate’ Tweet

The NCIC has summoned Ngunyi, the Political Analyst after Law Society of Kenya Chief Officer Apollo Mboya demanded the commission to examine the August 21 tweet made by the analyst which seemed like a slight on CORD Principal Raila Odinga and the Luo community . The tweet was taken to mean that the community was “poverty-stricken and in mental slavery.

The political scientist on Monday blasted LSK CEO Apollo Mboya for writing to the National Cohesion and Integration Commission about the issue. He  blamed  Mboya of abuse of office, demeaning the law profession and also working for CORD members.

Mutahi Ngunyi was subjected to intense questioning by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) over his said hate comments against the Luo and Luhya communities.

While speaking to journalists after the grilling, Nguyi accepted that he was wrong to have posted online the comment that drew criticism from different quarters went on to offer an apology to the Luo community over the controversial posts on his twitter account.

He posted the apology on the same social media platform on Tuesday (August 25, 2015) saying that his previous comments were never meant to cause any harm.


The tweet stated: “I apologize to the LUO NATION unreservedly. No harm INTENDED. I am a product of Luo SCHOLARS whom I RESPECT immensely. I eat the HUMBLE PIE (sic)”

This came hours after the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) demanded that Mutahi Ngunyi be interrogated over the hate speech. When he was confronted about the comments he posted on his Twitter account last month, Mr Ngunyi said:

“For this particular one I was wrong,” but was equally quick to add that his apology to the communities does not extend to Opposition leader Raila Odinga, since he is not the ‘Luo nation’.

Ngunyi said his tweet meant no ill against the two communities, adding that “there are instances you say something then it comes out wrongly and the best strategy is to apologise”. He said his post was in the context of the “politics of some politicians who breed poverty in some areas”.

“I meant no ill against the Luo nation. In fact I love the Luo and Luhya communities. My problem is with him (Raila), (and) he is not the Luo nation,” he said.

Ngunyi  went on to explain that his problem with Raila should not be understood to mean he was against the whole community. Repeating again his former comment that the ex premier “is a turncoat revolutionary”. He maintained that he has a legal right to disapprove and find fault with any leader, saying he was not worried about going through a judicial process.

According to him, “But I would root for reconciliation because that is what the NCIC Act specifically talks about,”

He went on to reveal that he was ready to purchase a goat for the Luo Council of Elders as a way of making peace with the community concerning the remarks.

However, Mr Mboya responded to Mr Ngunyi’s apology saying that he accepts his apology but the political Analyst is not sincere about his apology since the remarks are yet to be taken down from his wall. In his words: “He should have demonstrated that he is sorry by pulling down the tweet,”.