Mutilated Machakos Woman

The story of the mutilated Machakos woman has gotten people all across the world sympathizing with what she had to go through because she was apparently barren.

In a new twist to the story, Jackline Mwende has revealed that she is heavily pregnant from an affair which might have prompted the alleged attack from her husband.

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Speaking to the Daily Nation, the mutilated Machakos woman said she conceived barely a day before the attack and was seen in public with the other man she was having an affair with.

”We had sought accommodation in Machakos town because I did not want to bring him to my matrimonial bed,” she told the Daily.

”It was on the Saturday of July 23 and after spending time with the other man I went back home, where I lived alone because my husband had taken off three months earlier.”

It was on the night of the next day that Mwende was attacked with a machete which resulted in the huge, deep scars on her face and the amputation of her limbs.

”It was after the attack that I found out that my husband had asked my neighbors to spy on me. They were the ones who told him of my trip to Machakos with the man on the Saturday I conceived.”

She acknowledged that she willingly cheated on her husband because her marriage was childless but insisted that she had no regrets going down that route due to her desire to bear a child.

The identity of the baby’s father is unknown and the mutilated Machakos woman refused to disclose any details regarding the man except that he was a close friend she had been dating before she was attacked.

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She went on to clarify that there has not been any further contact with the baby’s father because they only agreed to that he impregnates her and leaves.

”It was wrong to do it and I know people will judge me harshly for it, but I am remorseful because I was desperate.”

”Knowing that I am alive today and that I will be a mother soon, is the silver lining in the middle of all the heartache and gloom.”

Jackline Mwende is due to give birth at the end of February or the beginning of March.