Mutua’s Reasons For Prohibiting TV Advertisements With Sexual Undertones

The Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) boss has placed some new regulations on TV advertisements, stating that no Kenyan ads shall onwards feature semi-nude or nude men and – women

The Board stipulated the period within which the new set of guidelines controlling advertising on TV will take effect daily, saying such contents will not be aired during watershed hours of 5pm to 10pm.

Also, among the banned contents are ads relating to betting, condoms or TV advertisements with sexual innuendos. All commercials on alcoholic drinks will also be classified as unfit to make the screens during this period.

Speaking to a press conference in Nairobi on Tuesday April 19, 2016, KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua explained that from now on, commercials will be made to conform with family values which the country upholds.

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He added that the new policy will be observed particularly during the watershed hours.

This is coming in less than a week ago, Mutua was lashed verbally for placing a ban on kissing scenes in an advert run by a Coca Cola to “conform with the Kenyan standards of morality.”

The soft drinks company has since edited the TV advertisement to be in line with KFCB provision.

Mutua said:

“We exist to promote moral values, we don’t want an advert that gives misleading information, such as those that glamourise taking of drugs and alcohol. As per our stipulation, alcohol should currently be marketed outside the watershed period, as well as any content that depicts scenes intended for an adult audience,” .

The new rules further states that commercials which have to do with betting will be classified as unsuitable for watershed period except for those TV advertisements of government lotteries.

In the same vein, billboards with sexual innuendos, nudity and statements like “lasts longer than your boyfriend” have been given an ultimatum to be brought down within the next two weeks.