Nakuru governor aspirant John Mututho Obama made an unlikely call for future Democratic success urging Kalenjins in the Rift Valley to stop fighting their “anointed” leader Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking in Kuresoi South constituency on Saturday, Mututho said that Ruto has got the nation’s full support and shouldn’t be attacked.

“It is sad that some of you are fighting your own son who has backing from all corners of the country. [He is about to get power]. You should change because [you are painting] a bad picture” his statement reads.

Going on, he added that Kikuyu community believe in Ruto and will vote for him after his second tenure.

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“Ruto is a good leader and has gone against all odds of life to reach where he is. His presidential aspiration is unstoppable,” he said.

He told the electorate to allow Jubilee exhaust their plans for the betterment of the nation, assuring that the party will win next year presidential election. He further compared supporting failing parties to milking a bull and said it will be a waste of vote and time to take such steps.

As a reminder, Mututho told the locals the incident where as a Minister for Agriculture he defended Ruto in Parliament when he was accused of looting money meant for maize. This was because he knew from day one that the DP was a reputable man who wouldn’t be involved in petty

“I am optimistic about winning the Nakuru governor seat and due to the good working relationship I have with Uhuru and Ruto, I will bring development down to the county,” he said.

The politician said this during his visit to the underprivileged on Christmas day.

Mututho was in the company of Mourine Chebet, a 26-year old orphan who will be his running mate.

The former Naivasha MP stated clearly that his decision to share his christmas joy with the less fortunate wasn’t for campaign reasons.

His visits to Kuresoi North and South came two days after he hosted hundreds of street families from across the county at his Lanet home, where he gave them food and clothes.

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“I did not come to campaign but just to wish you merry Christmas,” he said in Kiptagich.

“To ensure equal and effective representation, I have chosen this girl (Chebet) to ensure my government gets down to the needy,” he said.

Mututho revealed plans to embark on a rigorous campaign from February while Chebet said she will ensure neglected people are fully represented.