Mwai Kibaki Reads Wrong Speech Halfway Through

The ex-leader of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, on Thursday, February 18, attended a water sanitation event at Safari Park Hotel with other dignitaries, and read a wrong speech.

The senior public figures who were in attendance include, among others, Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, US ambassador to Kenya Robert F. Godec, and Switzerland ambassador to Kenya Ralf Heckner.

Things went right until it was time for the ex-president to issue his speech. He stood up and served people with an old wrong speech.

Instead of a speech relating to water event, Mwai Kibaki read something off point, which he had already delivered in the past.

What’s more awkward wasn’t that he accidentally read the wrong speech, but that he only realised his speech was something way different from the theme when he nearly completed it.

Though the unprecedented slip-up by the 84-year-old ex-leader on Thursday has sparked controversy, he did better than Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

Unlike the situation in a similar incident by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, Kibaki had the intelligence to realize the jumble. He apologised to those in attendance among who included US ambassador to Kenya, Bob Godec.

In Zimbabwe’s case, the country’s president issued a wrong speech during the third opening of parliament on Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

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The wrong speech was one read by the Zimbabwean president in August the same year during the State of the Nation address. While he read it word for word,  MPs from his ZANU-PF party cheered him on.

The error wasn’t noticed by the president until later when his spokesman George Charamba issued a statement, blaming it on a mix-up in the president’s secretary’s office.

There is no comment yet on how Mwai Kibaki’s mix-up happened. But whatever must have caused it, he need to be given a little credit for accepting his mistakes right at the podium.