Ex-President Mwai Kibaki Undergoes Surgery As His Illness Stirs Controversy

Today, on Thursday, August 25, is a big day for former president Mwai Kibaki, as he is scheduled to have a surgery at a South African hospital.

The ex-president will undergo the life-saving surgery to drain out a blood clot in his neck area. According to doctors, the blood clot was detected in an early-enough time.

He was taken to Netcare Sunninghill Hospital  in Johannesburg hospital for specialized treatment on Sunday. One of his relatives said he has been responding to treatment but the surgery today will play a major role in his journey of recovery.

Mwa Kibaki was first admitted to Karen Hospital after he fell ill at his Muthaiga home on the night of Saturday, August 20, before being taken to South Africa.

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Mwai Kibaki undergoes surgery

Surprisingly his distrust for Kenyan hospital has sparked contention around the country’s states of healthcare as some people are now questioning the ability of Kenyan hospitals to handle complex health issues without locals having to seek medical care abroad.

Others feel that he had the chance of making the country’s facilities to match-up with that of the international ones when he was in power. But he didn’t do much about that.

NTV journalist Larry Madowo expressed shock that the local health system was not even good enough for those in charge.

Madowo said:

“Former President Mwai Kibaki was flown to South Africa after falling ill over the weekend. It is not surprising that an 84-year-old man has failing health. What’s odd, is how Kenyan healthcare is not good enough even for those who have been in charge of it.”

He further said that where Kenyans seek for health services is a matter of bank account.

Mwai Kibaki undergoes surgery

“What it seems to say is that the country’s hospitals are good enough if your bank balance can’t afford you better treatment elsewhere. Or it suggests that local doctors are not quite well trained for the ailments of the rich.”

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Madowo’s stance was seconded by many others who think it is disappointing that the former President bypassed some of Kenya’s top facilities for a foreign hospital.

Earlier this year, the 84-year-old former president lost his wife, Mama Lucy Kibaki, while she was being treated at Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London, England.