Boniface Mwangi Badmouths Jaguar On Social Media, Twitter Reacts

Mwangi VS Jaguar – Since the election season began, social media has been awash with politician fights and on Sunday, Starehe MP Aspirant Boniface Mwangi looked to add to that list when he took to Twitter to call his rival Charles Njagua aka Jaguar a “cry baby” and for the most part, it didn’t go down well with Twitter users.

Mwangi accused Jaguar of defacing his posters across town while calling him a cry baby who cannot articulate his reasons for vying for the MP seat.

Alongside a photo of his defaced election posters, the Ukweli Party ticket holder posted:


Mwangi VS Jaguar
The defaced posters

Mwangi was referring to the incident when Jaguar cried at a rather acrimonious Jubilee nominations where he claimed that incumbent Starehe MP Maina Kamanda had rigged him out of the nominations.

Following weeks of deliberation on a complaint filed by Jaguar to Jubilee party’s appeal tribunal, Kamanda was axed with Jaguar emerging as the party’s ticket holder.

Mwangi’s tongue-lash at his rival sent many fuming with one Twitter user @Eduale88Alex inferring that the Tweet might have well cost him the MP seat come the August 8 polls. However, Mwangi seemed to have some on his side as well while others were just neutral.

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Here Are Some Twitter Reactions:

@Muntez_: @bonifacemwangi some of your posters are also placed on other aspirants. Ama mtasema hao ni wa mchujo?

@njogowakaranja: Jaguar is far away from leadership, we want a real man who doesn’t cry ovyo ovyo who can battle with cartels and stand with his opinion ##unbounded #TeamCourage

@BabaLuhaso: @bonifacemwangi The name cry-baby is unfortunate- the pot calling the kettle black. I remember you too have cried on national tv. Poster defacing is wrong.

@LeyLelesan: @bonifacemwangi But must you all put 700 posters per square metre? Seems too much?

@AlexSautet: Kanyi was almost loosing the battle with Kamanda he cried!! Will he handle parliament debates?

@SelassieSonOne: @bonifacemwangi challenge that pretender to a debate, expose his ignorance. what has he done so far with his influence policy wise!! smh.

@muraya_morgan: @bonifacemwangi Please Don’t Stoop too low. One Similarity with both of You, You are Both CRYING BABIES!!!

@bwangeci10: Your 10 Bob tu for Bonnie campaign is ingenious. People are starting to feel the heat. Njagua is no doubt a gifted man in the arts arena but anyone with a pea brain will tell yours is the servitude Starehe needs. And in a few years go for the big seat. There’s a generation that is fed up with corruption, there’s a generation that wants a KENYA free from corruption. I’m a dreamer, I believe that we can be economic giants like Singapore given the right leaders in the country. If there’s anyone who get us there, it’s you. Strategize on your campaign all else is distractions.