Patient Pumped With 17 Bullets Inside Kenyan Hospital

A gunman slipped into Mwingi Level 4 Hospital and rained 17 bullets into a patient who was being treated of gunshot wounds.

Eyewitnesses said four gunmen entered the hospital’s vicinity, but three stood outside the ward while one of them went in and shot dead the 27-year old Mr Ngandi Malia Musyemi. The incident took place in  the early hours of Thruday.

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Other patients who shared a room with the victim, said the killer and his accomplices ran away immediately after the 17th bullet was released.

It is alleged that the patient identified as Mr Musyemi was first kidnapped in his car in Mwingi Town on Wednesday evening.

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The abudctors, who were repotedly four men armed with pistols, blindfolded him and conveyed him to a bush.

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On getting to the bush, they pushed him out of the car and shot him in the head, cheek and ribs and ran away, believing him to be dead.

Musyemi was unconcious but fortunately later woke up and crawled  to the Mwingi- Garissa Highway where a Good Samaritan saw him and  took him to Ukasi police station.

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Some of the police officers then took him to Mwingi Hospital where he was admitted at about 9pm, only to be attacked again 6 hours later.

Eastern head of DCI, Henry Ondiek, confirmed the report. Henry added that investigations have been launched to determine who the suspects are and why they had been so determined to have the victim killed.

The Police have made no arrests and is continuing to investigate after they collected 17 spent cartridges at the scene. Mwingi Level 4 Hospital also has increased their security presence as a precautionary measure.