“My Life Is being Threatened By Unknown Ghosts.” – Waiguru

Former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru, who recently reignited the NYS controversy, has begged for step up in security from IG as she fears for her life.

The ex CS is now being witch-hunted because of her recent claims in her affidavit, she says.

In her latest affidavit concerning NYS scandal, she disclosed the connection between some top government officials and the scandal.

And recently, she begged the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, in writing, for a heightened security for her to avoid any possible attack which her instinct keeps telling her might happen.

She hinted that she is scared, even though there hasn’t been any open threat from any human being.

In her letter to Boinnet which was quoted by the Star, Waiguru states:

Knowing Kenya’s political climate and the influence that these politicians command, I am naturally fearful for my life.

She added that she is also afraid that some powerful politicians might attempt to influence investigations in the Sh791 million saga by inventing some new lies against her.

Whilst I trust the investigative and prosecutorial institutions to be guided by the law, I feel that unless I am issued with appropriate security arrangements I stand a risk of being physically harmed.

Waiguru sparked issues within the government when she linked Jubilee stalwarts Adan Duale, Kipchumba Murkomen and Deputy President William Ruto’s aide Farouk Kibet in the Sh791 million NYS scam.

She said the aforementioned people were the key suspects behind Kabura’s claim against her. She expained that Josephine Kabura was only enticed into making those claims by the “scammers and fraudsters” who robbed the NYS fund.

Quoting her:

These politicians have accused me of breaking up the Jubilee Coalition, but I am convinced they are the masterminds of Kabura’s affidavit.

Duale replied the vow saying she might soon link Jesus in the scam. He swore to take a break from any political-related campaigns in both Malindi and Kericho “to focus on Waiguru, who has stepped on a lion’s tail.”

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Recall that some senators from opposition coalition including Machakos Senator Johnsone Muthama and Kakamega’s Boni Khalwale were sued by Waiguru following their claim sometime last year. The two senators have yesterday disclosed their stance once again on the matter. They said they will not apologise for their last year’s statements as they were based on the truth.

The senators last year told the court that they are strongly behind their claim after they both accused Waiguru of having a hole in the corner with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They also said the embattled Waiguru will not receive a dime from them and that she authored her own affliction, not them. Waiguru says she has suffered stress and distress after their accusation.

The senators said they have the right to raise concerns over the way the President and other members of the Jubilee Coalition took it upon themselves to back her even in the face of several corruption claims against her former ministry.

My utterances and those of Senator Khalwale can be substantiated as fair comment and express the truth in the arena of public affairs.


It cannot be said that she upheld integrity and conducted her duties with dedication and honesty; to the contrary, her tenure in the ministry only attracts ridicule and dishonour.

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