Mykie From Camp Mulla: The Uber Story – 1 On 1 With HenryDerex

For those who don’t know Mykie, well, he was once part of the managerial aspect of the well known Camp Mulla group.

Over the past couple of days, I couldn’t ignore the popup of Mykie’s name on social media; regarding his decision to start operating his very own Uber rides.

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Unfortunately, most of the news being shared were slightly misleading, had no facts and promoted individuals in and out of Kenya to turn another man’s hard work into a comical conversation.

The internet is a very powerful tool, which if not used right could not only damage an individual’s image but even do much more. It’s funny how Kenyans at large would laugh and bring down their own, rather than create a support system for these young individuals trying to make an honest living in order to achieve their dreams.

Mykie 1 On 1 With HenryDerex – What You Didn’t Know


I eventually reached out to Mykie, for my “1 On 1 Segment” on BuzzKenya and his first response; “Man let them hate, ima keep pushing like never before” was nothing short of what I expected. Here are a number of things you probably never knew about Mykie:

Mykie’s Early Age

At the age of 18, back in 2008, Mykie had already started making a couple of thousand shillings of his own. Mykie had a passion for events at an early age; he started off officially under the label “Nocturnalz Entertainment”, a young group of individuals who had a number of successful events to their name. The group rolled out events such as Black Scorpio, Slippery Nipples, Ramping Shop and Poison Ivy, just to name a few.

The events under Nocturnalz Entertainment were loved by many and saw to huge turnouts; exceeding a crowd of over 700 revellers, each paying a minimum of Khs500 as cover charge for each event (do the maths).

Camp Mulla


A lot of people don’t know this, and would rather tag Mykie as the guy who appeared in all Camp Mulla’s music videos, but Mykie was actually a key element to the Camp Mulla brand. Camp Mulla which came to life between 2009 & 2010, was a group of young and talented individuals, they came out with a bang and swag to rival any other group in and out of Africa.

Mykie was a Co-Founder of the Camp Mulla group, the brain behind the name and the mad scientist that brought the talent and team together. Unfortunately, they were young, enjoyed life the best way they could, probably made a few mistakes here and there and eventually decided to go their separate ways; in order to focus on their individual brands.

The Uber Story


Well, from the short profile you know of Mykie above, it is not doubtful that he’s got an eye for good business opportunities and knows how to go out to make it all fall into place. Mykie as an entrepreneur saw an opportunity to be part of a worldwide revolution and solution to transportation. To those who don’t know, the transportation industry is a very big market and shouldn’t be underestimated.

When most people heard Mykie is now a driver with Uber, the first thought that came to mind was “Mykie is now a taxi driver”, but this is far from that. Uber disrupted the Kenyan taxi industry, and Mykie who joined the team in March 2016 is on a path to growing a fleet of vehicles (financed by a financial institution), under his company Prestige Limo LTD.

Mykie has a great team of drivers whose core value is the customer and their ride experience. Show me an investor who jumps into a business he knows nothing about and I will show you a fool. Mykie is not just an entrepreneur trying to tap into the transport business but he’s actually involved in it from ground up.

 What’s Next?


This young individual has a lot of new concepts under his sleeves; he’s currently planning for a whole group of young entrepreneurs under the “Headsp_ce” brand. Headsp_ce is an innovative media hub on the path of building a unit of creatives with various skill sets and strengths.

Finally, you would think with everything going on in his life, Mykie would have taken the easier option of dropping out of school, but this young chap is also a student of Riara University, studying Business Management. Since most of you all found pleasure in laughing at another man’s struggles, I hope you are all doing better with your own life!

On a musical note, the Baddest Deejay Kafi just posted a smashing mix on Mixcloud which has been keeping me bumping while writing this article. Enjoy the DJ KAFI WRAP UP 2016 Mix below.