Nairobi Building Collapse: Rescuers Finally Found Mother Of Rescued Baby Girl

The mother of the six-month-old miracle child, who was saved from the rubble of the collapsed building in Huruma, four days after it collapsed, has been found dead.

The body of the mother was seen a few metres from where the baby girl was found. Her daughter, Dealeryn Saisi Wasike, was found sound with no physical injuries more than 80 hours after the accident. She reunited with her father hours after her rescue. More than 80 people are still missing after the six-storey building collapsed on Friday night, though the rescue team is still hopeful of getting more people alive.

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The military is leading the efforts, and have extended its deadline for ending clearance to the weekend. The efforts though expected to yield final result by next week are frustrated by lack of access to one side of the building which is near a river bank.


Dozens of families have been waiting not so patiently at the site, for news of their loved ones. The buildings’ owners, who were arraigned in court, had pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. Samuel Karanja Kamau and four other co-owners of the building has been released on bail that was set at $5,000 (£3,500) each.

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The magistrate stated that there were no solid reasons to keep the suspects in custody. The prosecution had wanted them to remain in police custody for 21 days to allow time to complete their investigations. The six-storey residence came down during a downpour  of rain, killing at least 26 people. The number grew after three more bodies were retrieved from the rubble of the six-storey building.

City authorities say the building had been earmarked for demolition after it was declared unfit for human habitation. This brings the number of fatalities to 26. At least 93 people are still missing five days after the building collapsed.