Nairobi Cholera Outbreak

Nairobi Cholera Outbreak – The County Government of Nairobi has confirmed there are more than 30 cases of suspected cholera.

This was after three top government officials; Treasury CS Henry Rotich, Trade CS Adan Mohammed as well as Trade Principal Secretary Chris Kiptoo and other staff from the Trade and the Treasury ministries were treated for cholera-related symptoms suspected to be from the food served during a trade event at KICC.

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Kenyatta National Hospital spokesman Simon Ithai said several people are admitted to the hospital with the disease. He, however, could not confirm where the cases were initially reported.

“We are working on a detailed report to know the origin of the cases,” he said.

County Government Health Executive, Dr. Bernard Muia, said the patients are admitted in various hospitals across Nairobi. He added that doctors are expected to release final results on the suspected cholera on Wednesday.

“Those admitted are recovering well, we have no fatalities and according to the latest report they are doing well,” said Muia.

Muia further banned open air cooking in the city to prevent an outbreak of cholera in Nairobi adding that stringent measures will be enforced to ensure outside caterers adhere to health standards.

“Those sources of food particularly the outsourced food should not serve that food to any event until the cooking of that food has been checked by a public health officer and given a go ahead.”

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Nairobi Cholera Outbreak

He indicated that so far, 336 cases of suspected cholera has been reported over the last two months.

In June, a similar case of cholera from food was reported at Weston Hotel in Nairobi.

Sick doctors posted on social media laboratory results showing they tested positive for cholera which they possibly contracted in the hotel where they had been attending a week-long health conference.

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